Who we are

To build a house is one thing, but better still is to create a space that becomes a home. This is what we do at Wardle Design- creates spaces that enable people to live better. Every project and every client brings its own unique combination of people, place and purpose. We engage with the complexity of these factors by serving the unique needs of the site, community, environment and the occupant whilst balancing liveability, feasibility and sustainability.


Combining the experience, network and design excellence of bigger studios with the customer service and attention to detail of a boutique firm, our responsiveness and candid communication style to both existing and prospective clients makes us easy to work with and we take pride in our high rates of customer satisfaction and retention.

The size of our team enables us to be forward-thinking to anticipate design, lifestyle and materiality trends. We combine material, technical and spatial innovation with advanced sustainability practices as standard on all projects, putting us at the forefront of high quality, but affordable design solutions.


Deeply rooted in our community in the inner north, and committed to our practice across Melbourne, our core purpose is to design innovative, custom, affordable homes that people love to live in for today and their ‘tomorrow’.

Better living, made possible by Wardle Design

Ben Wardle 

With over 15 years in the industry, Ben Wardle founded Wardle Design in 2017 to pursue his passion for quality, affordable residential design.


Combining his refined design approach with thorough knowledge of local council regulations, Ben is known for his intuitive and measured advice that makes navigating the process of building a new home or development that little bit easier.


" Wardle Design offers a range of planning and building services with the highest quality of customer service in town. They are punctual, extremely helpful, doing what originally promised, following through and doing what they do best - building design" 

Mazen Fahd