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Who we are

To build a house is one thing, but better still is to create a space that becomes a home. This is what we do at Wardle Design- creates spaces that enable people to live better. Every project and every client brings its own unique combination of people, place and purpose. We engage with the complexity of these factors by serving the unique needs of the site, community, environment and the occupant whilst balancing liveability, feasibility and sustainability.


Combining the experience, network and design excellence of bigger studios with the customer service and attention to detail of a boutique firm, our responsiveness and candid communication style to both existing and prospective clients makes us easy to work with and we take pride in our high rates of customer satisfaction and retention.

The size of our team enables us to be forward-thinking to anticipate design, lifestyle and materiality trends. We combine material, technical and spatial innovation with advanced sustainability practices as standard on all projects, putting us at the forefront of high quality, but affordable design solutions.


Deeply rooted in our community in the inner north, and committed to our practice across Melbourne, our core purpose is to design innovative, custom, affordable homes that people love to live in for today and their ‘tomorrow’.

Better living, made possible by Wardle Design

Our Team
Wardle_Team Profile_-17.jpg

Ben Wardle


With over 18 years in the industry, Ben Wardle founded Wardle Design in 2017 to pursue his passion for quality, affordable residential design.

Combining his refined design approach with thorough knowledge of local council regulations, Ben is known for his intuitive and measured advice that makes navigating the process of building a new home that little bit easier.

Away from work, Ben likes camping, cooking and going away on holiday with his family.

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Michael Michielin

Design Manager (Construction)

Michael has spent over 15 years gaining extensive experience in design, project management and sustainability, specialising in small-large scale residential developments.

With a passion for problem solving and client relationship management, Michael takes pride in ensuring the construction documentation process is managed effectively and efficiently.

When not in the office, Michael enjoys family holidays, basketball and going to gigs.

Wardle_Team Profile_-15.jpg

Amber Drew

Senior Building Designer

Amber is a Senior Building Designer who joined Wardle Design in 2018.  She has experience in both residential and commercial projects. Amber specialises in taking concepts through to permit stage in the town planning process. She also mentors graduate building designers and completes construction documentation.   

Outside of work, Amber enjoys time with her family and dog, Archie, preferably with a craft beer in hand and an ocean nearby.

Wardle_Team Profile_-14.jpg

Marvin Marshall

Senior Building Designer

Marvin has over 15 years of design experience both overseas and in Australia. Working in the architectural industry he has enjoyed learning how to view problems as opportunities, to be creative, and to explore a wide range of possibilities and solutions. 


He usually spends his leisure time travelling for day-trips with family, going to the beach and taking his kids to the playground. 

Wardle_Team Profile_-12.jpg

Theo Bosch

Senior Building Designer

Theo joined the Wardle team as an architectural graduate in 2018. He sees design as a fluid and collaborative process and likes using his knowledge to achieve the outcomes that clients desire. He especially enjoys the challenge of overcoming site and construction constraints to achieve quality design.

When not at work, you can normally find Theo cooking with a glass of wine in hand or spending time with friends at various social outings.

Wardle_Team Profile_-05.jpg

Meg Shelton

Building Designer

Meg was inspired to pursue a career in the building design industry when observing many different styles of home during her travels.

She enjoys working in a great team environment and expanding her knowledge in all areas of the building design process

In her spare time, she enjoys reading and getting outside in the garden.

Wardle_Team Profile_-01.jpg

Voutha Choeung

Building Designer


Clarissa Vadala 

Building Designer

Voutha’s passion for art and design has led him to pursue a career in building design. He enjoys working in a very friendly environment with a fantastic team and learning from colleagues around him.

In his spare time he enjoys being outdoors, camping and both playing and watching sports.

Clarissa’s passion for architecture expands across both commercial and residential developments, being able to seamlessly blend her creativity and practicality together through innovative solutions. She works in both sectors of the initial design planning of a building as well as the final construction documentation output.


She tends to be a foodie outside of the office trying different restaurants at various social outings with family and friends


Maria Dunne

Building Designer

Maria has over 15 years of experience in the Building Design industry across residential, commercial and retail projects.  She currently specialises in completing working drawings for multi-residential projects.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Wardle_Team Profile_-03.jpg

Victoria Buultjens

Building Designer

Time spent on building sites at a young age sparked Victoria's interest in construction. She enjoys working creatively alongside a great team to produce the best possible design outcome.

In her spare time she enjoys swimming at the beach and being outdoors.

Wardle_Team Profile_-08.jpg

Kate Gallus

Office Manager

Wardle_Team Profile_-06.jpg

Sara McKeown

HR / Administration

Kate started out her career as a veterinarian.  When she married Ben Wardle she had no idea this would lead to a career change. Ben started Wardle Design 1 week before their second baby was born. While Kate was on maternity leave she helped Ben with administrative, organisational and financial tasks so that he could focus on his passion – working with design and clients. This is how things have continued and Kate has learned many new skills along the way.

Sara started her career in IT and worked in various aspects of the industry before studying and working in Human Resources. She loves working with people and problem solving.


In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, going for long walks, board games and pilates.

Ben Wardle 

With over 18 years in the industry, Ben Wardle founded Wardle Design in 2017 to pursue his passion for quality, affordable residential design.


Combining his refined design approach with thorough knowledge of local council regulations, Ben is known for his intuitive and measured advice that makes navigating the process of building a new home or development that little bit easier.


" Wardle Design offers a range of planning and building services with the highest quality of customer service in town. They are punctual, extremely helpful, doing what originally promised, following through and doing what they do best - building design" 

Mazen Fahd

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